When’s the Best Time to Plan Your Puerto Vallarta Vacation?

Your friends have talked about it for years, you’ve watched countless episodes of HGTV House Hunters with featured properties in Puerto Vallarta, and finally you’ve decided to check it out for yourself!

Now that you’ve figured out where in Puerto Vallarta you want to stay, you may be wondering, when is the best time to plan my vacation? Are there certain months or times of the year that are better to go?! Have no fear, Coldwell Banker La Costa Rental Management is here! When traveling to any location, it is important to know when the best time to go is – whether you’re wondering what the weather will be like or if it will be overcrowded, it’s an essential question to ask, “When is the best time to plan my vacation to Puerto Vallarta?”. Renting a vacation rental in Puerto Vallarta is an exciting life event and you should be educated on when the best time to travel is. Deciding when the best time is to vacation in Puerto Vallarta is a decision that is completely subjective, however we hope the information below will help you make your decision!

The good news is that Puerto Vallarta is an ideal tropical destination year-round. Puerto Vallarta typically has two seasons, what locals refer to as “high season” and “low season” or “dry season” and “rainy season”. In high and dry season, which is typically October through March, there is little to no rain, and it is mostly sunny with little to no humidity. High season, which is typically November through March, is when temperatures are coolest, and for those interested in whale watching, December through March is the best time to visit. Because it is high season, you can expect that hotel or rental accommodations will be higher priced. In December and January, Puerto Vallarta is at its coldest, with temperatures in the mid to high 70s, dropping to 50 degrees or so in the evening, unless you’re up in towns like El Tuito in the Sierra Madre mountains, where 40 or 30 degrees wouldn’t be unusual. If you’re looking to escape the cold up North, this is the best time of the year to head down to paradise!

From April to June, the high season crowds have started to dwindle, and rainy season has yet to start. Naturally a bit warmer than December through March, the heat nor humidity are overwhelming, and the prices of rentals have dropped significantly. There is the week of spring break, which locals call “Semana Santa.” During this week in April, typically April 10th to the 16th, Puerto Vallarta sees a huge increase in national tourism, but this is the last hurrah so to speak, before low season takes effect. This is the perfect time to come for anyone who isn’t a big fan of heat and humidity and for anyone looking to beat the crowds!

With averages in the 90s, Puerto Vallarta’s temperatures spike the most in summer, from July to September and there are often brief bursts of rain, or overnight thunderstorms, generating days where Puerto Vallarta sees a lot of humidity. These rains however often create incredible shows that illuminate the sky with lightning and thunder. But don’t worry about hurricanes, as Puerto Vallarta and the Banderas Bay is protected by the Sierra Madre mountains. Airfare and hotel/rental rates are usually at their cheapest during this “low season”, so if you don’t mind the heat, this is one of the best times to come. Not to mention, with all the rainfall, the rivers are flowing, and the mountains are the greenest and most luscious they will be all year! If you’re a freshwater kind of guy or gal, this is the best time to come!

COVID 19 has changed the game in terms of what we consider high and low season. In 2021, Puerto Vallarta has seen a steady flow of tourism as vaccines roll-out and people are eager to travel and head out of town. So, while there were fewer tourists December 2020-March 2021, we have seen a huge spike in visitors since March, and what was once our low season, now feels very much like our high season. Because we are seeing such a high quantity of visitors in what is typically our low season, Puerto Vallarta is projecting a high number of tourism come October.

Chances are, after all the uncertainty over the last year and a half, you are eager to head out of town, and vacation in paradise. Vacationing in Puerto Vallarta is an incredible experience, regardless of the time of year you come. And when you are ready to book those flights, make sure you reserve your stay with Coldwell Banker La Costa Rentals.

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